Starts Monday November 28th
Orientation at the Bootcamp Studio on Monday November 28th at 7:00pm

Calling all Boston and surrounding Area Ladies! We are offering 75% OFF registration to the first 30 people that sign-up for our 21-Day ZERO POUND CHALLENGE program starting NOV 28th!

Americans gain a substantial amount of weight during the Holidays and this program was designed specifically to NOT LET THAT HAPPEN TO YOU. All while letting you enjoy all the delicious meals and parties coming up.

??Bonus: if you complete the challenge without gaining weight you will receive a special holiday gift??from us to YOU!

Between the holiday parties, work place snacks, alcohol, and all of the extra sugars and sweets you stand to gain 8 to 13 pounds over the next four weeks.

And that?s why I decided to create a new type of fitness program just for the month of December that will not only help you keep the extra weight gain at bay, but also help you lose a few pounds EVEN WHILE ENJOYING ALL TYPES OF HOLIDAYS MEALS AND SNACKS.

Introducing the Fit Body Boot Camp Zero Pound Challenge!

A 3-week workout and lifestyle program that will take you through the month of December without a single pound gained? hence the name, zero pound challenge.




Our Last Challenge of the Year Starting October 26th!

When do we start?
Orientation is on Thursday October 26th at 7 pm in our gym, and we start the official challenge on Monday September 19th with a Detox. Make up orientation meeting will be on Saturday October 30th at 10:15 am. If you can?t make it to any of the orientation please schedule a consultation meeting with us at 617-337-3738.

What do we do?
We Boot Camp at least 3 times a week (yes we do -your own hours- but we expect your commitment to this) and follow a low glycemic diet that starts with one week of Detox (TLS Weigh Loss Solution program). We will weigh you, measure you, and take before pictures here at the orientation night.

What else?
We measure you, weigh you, and take pictures of you every week. We are a results driven gym, your fitness goals is our mission! We follow your progress through the Fit Client App and you join the FBBC Boston closed Facebook support group. You will have tons of support throughout the 6 weeks (and it?s only 6 weeks! you can do this!). Expect to lose 13-18 pounds.

You win! Yes you win!
In case getting fit is not enough we have over $500 cash and prizes up for grabs.

Limited spaces available.

To sign up and for details please sign up above (we will call you) Call Carol at 617-337-3738 or email us at